Tec. info on size of lanterns

When looking for parts glass mantles use the HK or CP of the lantern like 500CP or 500HK or see height of the lantern below:
The new BriteLyt XL lanterns come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Tec. info on the 500CP XL lantern's: 

Lantern's made of brass w/ nickel platting, polished brass, and matte finish brass.

Dimension: Approx: 16 1/2"-Height

Tank-6 3/4" all most 7"Across. /Weight of lamp dry/ 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 Lb.

Holds Approx: 1 Quart 1/2 (or 1.65 liter)of fuel and burns Approx: 8-15 hrs on high. on low pressure up to 20 hours.

Approx: 550-600 watts of light output(829-500CP) can go as low as 20-watts and run on 0 on the pressure gauge.

All of our Lanterns or Rapid Preheat. See photo of lantern

Petromax 500HK or CP 
Lantern made of brass.

Dimension: Approx 15 1/2 " to 16" height

Tank 6 1/2 to 3/4 and weight 5 Lb. weight.

Holds Approx: 1 quart to 1.0 liter of fuel burns approx: 8-10 hours.
Approx: 350 to 400 watts. light output (829-500HK or CP)

All others made with thinner brass and support bracket that can cause trash in the Fount (fuel tank). 
See 500CP Petromax lantern here

Tec. info on the 250CP lantern.  

Lantern made of brass

Dimensions: Approx: 14" hight
See 250CP lantern here

Tec. info on the 150CP lantern's: 
Lantern's made of brass w/ nickel platting, polished brass, and matte finish brass.

Dimensions: Approx: 11 1/2"-Height

Tank Approx: 4 3/4" Across./Weight of lamp dry/2 3/4 to 3 Lb.

Holds Approx: 1 pint of fuel,and burns Approx: 8-20hrs on high.

Approx: 100-350 watts of light output(830-150CP)

All of our lanterns are Rapid Preheat.
See 150CP lantern here

 Tec. info on the carrying cases: Product ID 500C or 150C

150CP Carrying case size 12 1/2” Height /inside 6 ¾” to 7”.

500CP Carrying case size 17” Height / inside 7 ¾” to 8"

Product ID: 500HSC is for the 500CP or 500HK and 350CP or 350HK lanterns. size's are on the page of the product.


Our Lanterns & stoves will work(run) for 4 to 10 hours, sometimes longer with out adding Pressure.

The NEW BriteLyt XL can run upto 20 hours on 1 fill-up.


A good Polish for all lanterns is Blue Buster or Simichrome Polish.